1. Experience: From RWA Reductions, to Living Will, to FATCA and more, our team has a global breadth of exposure to cross-teams and in all regions.

2. History: Clients who are overwhelmed by the technology and infrastructure aspects of regulatory compliance most often retain 8OF9. We have a history of managing the mess, and creating opportunity.

3. Thought Leadership: 8OF9 commissioned by IBM and top software companies including Seal Software and Exari to write white papers on change strategy for a variety of financial regulation topics.

4. Regulatory Change Skills: We have specialized regulatory expertise coupled with practical business analyst skills.

5. Technical Skills: 8OF9 has exposure to dozens of technology platforms, including collateral, credit, legal, and trade booking systems. We have helped test many of them for new regulations already!

6. Major Nerdery: Many of our Nerds have dual graduate degrees and we think financial regulation is fun. No Joke.

7. Affordable: Thanks to our lean and mean infrastructure, our day rates are very competitive.

8. Practical Project Support: 8OF9 identifies the next steps AND gets them done. We do not waste time by allowing problems to surface, we identify, manage and solve!

9. FUN: We are a nerdfarm of charismatic leaders who make [*]it happen!


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