*In addition to blockchain and Bitcoin, our glossary addresses other distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency-related topics 

As Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) and blockchain (and other distributed ledger technologies) have gained popularity – new worlds and opportunities have opened up. As in any developing area, a specific vocabulary and jargon is emerging and is essential to understanding these topics.

As experts and advisors in DLT and cryptocurrency, we want everyone to have a clearer understanding of the terms used. Click below to access our free Blockchain & Bitcoin Glossary!

Some of the terms we’ve defined are:

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Consensus
  • Merkle Tree
  • Segregated Witness
  • 51% Attack
  • Hybrid PoS/PoW
  • Cipher
  • ASIC
  • dApp
  • Node


If you’re looking for U.S. state regulations in this area, refer to our Overview of Blockchain & Bitcoin 50 State Law

Blockchain & Bitcoin* Glossary