Lime green walls covered with Star Wars decorations, the smell of Eataly’s pastries wafting through the air, and magnificent views were some of the most memorable features of 8of9’s old office. 8of9 has been lucky enough to call 1115 Broadway home for the past six years. Just ten years ago, our headquarters was a P.O. box set up by founder and CEO, Mary Kopczynski. Since then, 8of9 has transformed into a successful regulatory consulting and RegTech firm in the heart of Manhattan. Numerous memories, demanding challenges, and rewarding triumphs have all taken place at our Broadway office. Yet, as we move forward, 8of9 is prepared to say goodbye to the place that has helped us grow for so long. We are delighted to announce our big move to 147 West 26th Street!

Our new office has a very unique personality while still making 8of9ers feel at home. New white walls wait to be covered with green accents, desktops wait to be used by new and returning employees and a seating area waits to be transformed into an office/nursery for Mary when she returns from maternity leave. Only a few blocks away from the Madison Square Park office, our new spacious work area has 8of9ers more enthusiastic than ever. The new office offers more room for hosting social events and collaborative areas for innovation and learning. Our move signifies 8of9’s continued success, our rapid expansion within the RegTech/FinTech industry, and our eagerness to tackle more. We’re excited for this new chapter and hope you’ll visit us soon!