8of9 is excited to welcome Aaron Heisler as our new COO! As a financial industry veteran and longtime supporter of 8of9, Aaron brings his reputation for delivering exceptional value in strategy and implementation to our team.

Working closely alongside our internal team, Aaron has already set innovative initiatives in motion.

Read on to learn more about our new COO and his passions inside and outside of 8of9. Welcome Aaron!

What are you most excited about regarding your work with 8of9?

There are a lot of things that really excite me about joining 8of9!  I’ve known 8of9 well for over 4 years as a client, an advisor, and a friend.  There are tons of exciting things about finally joining the team but if I must pick one it is the opportunity to tackle the big industry challenges from a truly unique institution.  8of9 has the agility and culture of a startup firm, but deep experience working with bulge-bracket banks inside their existing organizations and infrastructure.  We’re helping the industry take the incremental moves that they must currently do while also developing the leapfrogging opportunities of tomorrow.  And we’re doing it without the massive overhead and complications that come from being a large firm, which allows us to be more nimble.

What challenges and opportunities are you eager to explore?

Everything!!!  Okay – maybe not “everything,” but I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to build products while simultaneously staying in touch with the latest industry drivers.  The industry is shifting really fast and really slow at the same time.  Seeing how all the pieces are coming together is loads of fun – and very challenging.  Specifically there are a huge number of data issues across the industry and until firms aggressively tackle those they won’t be able to automate many of their processes.  There is a huge opportunity to create and maintain better data as well as developing tools to help firms use that data to meet regulations and expand business capabilities.

How do you see 8of9 aiding in the mission to help bring ease and understanding to RegTech?

Mary K and the 8of9 team have always operated at the intersection of legal/regulatory issues, the “business” of financial services, and technology.  Being able to speak the various languages across these functions is how to get problems solved within the regulatory space.  I’ve spent time across each of these areas and I understand how challenging these translations are between functions.  8of9 is able to get things done because of this expertise and that has allowed us to build a good services business.  With our move into RegTech we are working on making technology tools that can dramatically improve firms’ abilities to meet existing and new regulatory challenges.

What are some of your interests and passions outside of work?

I feel blessed (and a little cursed) to have an extraordinary number of interests and passions.  First, I love to spend time with my wife and sons.  Playing card games, swimming, and watching movies are favorite pastimes for us.  Second, I am an active alumnus of Baruch College and I take part in all kinds of activities there.  This semester, for the first time, I’m teaching a full class as an Adjunct Professor and loving the opportunity to help the students think about all the layers of business strategy.  Third (and fourth and fifth and…) I love to draw, attend the theater, hang out with friends, volunteer for nonprofits, read, mentor entrepreneurs, collect artwork, etc.  Life is full of wonderful things to explore!