Star Wars Party People

Thanks to everyone who came to our Star Wars opening night screening at the Regal Theater. We were thrilled to have so many 8of9 family members in attendance (and if you’ve been a friend and supporter of 8of9- we consider you family). You’re likely famous & on our website!

Did you get an 8of9 Death Star ice cube mold? Your support over the years has meant more than we can express.

Meet our New COO!

We are thrilled to welcome Aaron Heisler, a financial industry veteran, as the new COO of 8of9! Aaron has been solving complex technology and regulatory challenges for more than a decade. He’s held leadership positions at Credit Suisse, Lela (a data technology startup), and Ernst & Young; and he has built a reputation of consistently delivering exceptional value in both strategy and implementation. Learn more about Aaron!

Riding the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Wave

8of9 is increasing our presence in the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency space with a new client! They are set to go live in one thousand EU locations and 8of9 is providing expertise in EU/US regulations in this evolving and complex new market.

8of9 Continues to Grow...

Last, but not least, we’re excited to share the news that Mary K and her husband, Red, are welcoming their first child in July 2018. While this is a big event for the Kopczynski family, never fear! Mary is fully working her 4210 magic until the regulators’ deadline and will be doubling down on RegTech when she’s back from a short maternity break!

What a time to be alive!

Mary K & the 8of9 Team