Bitcoin and Blockchain Consulting

Distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency companies have come under increased scrutiny for their incomplete regulatory and compliance programs. This creates challenges for startups and organizations innovating in cryptocurrency (e.g., Ripple and Bitcoin) and distributed ledger technologies (e.g., hashgraph and blockchain). 8of9 has developed expertise in this evolving area and has helped clients navigate U.S. and international regulations to meet their unique needs. Contact to find out more.

Overview of Blockchain & Bitcoin State Law 

Our experience in this rapidly changing field enabled us to create a comprehensive overview of all DLT & cryptocurrency laws, legislation, and guidance across the fifty states. We provide detailed state-by-state explanations on DLT & cryptocurrency related regulations. Our informational product includes recent updates on hot topics such as taxes on cryptocurrency businesses, legality of smart contracts, and status of ICOs under state securities laws. Coming Fall 2018!

Regulatory Consulting for Financial Institutions

As we expand our offerings, 8of9’s consultants continue to deliver for our financial services clients. Our team has worked with global banks on a wide range of projects including:
  • International Margin Rules (including BCBS-IOSCO & FINRA 4210)
  • Netting Remediation
  • FATCA- related projects
  • Improved approaches to legal due diligence for new clients
  • Recovery and Resolution Plans
  • AML/KYC Market Utility Projects

8of9's New Home!

We are excited to announce our big move from 1115 Broadway to W 26th Street. Our new space provides the perfect environment to tackle more as we continue to expand our regulatory consulting practice and presence within the RegTech/FinTech Industry.

Learn About the Credit Risk Mitigation Framework in the European Union

Need to know more about the EBA’s report on the current Credit Risk Mitigation Framework? Check out our post summarizing the EBA’s findings and explaining the context of their work.

What a time to be alive!

Mary K & the 8of9 Team