An Interview with 8of9’s Newest Associate Josh Clemente

8of9 is excited to welcome Josh Clemente to our team! Josh brings a wealth of experience in data and capital markets to his work at 8of9. One of his superpowers is amazing project management skills. Josh’s experience with project management began while working for an e-discovery company in the LegalTech space, where he led teams extracting data from personal electronic devices to then feed into databases for litigation proceedings. With a B.A. in Business from Villanova University, he later continued his education with an M.B.A. from the Stern School of Business at NYU while he enhanced his skills as a project manager at Amalgamated Bank in their technology department.

We sat down with Josh to ask him a few questions about how he hopes to apply his experience with project management to 8of9’s business strategy, and his passions inside and outside of 8of9.

How do you plan to utilize your project management experiences in your work at 8of9?

Consulting work is really where the MBA and project management experience kicks in. Because I know how to work quickly, think on my feet, and understand the inner workings of a financial institution, I am comfortable being thrown into the fire with a new team and a tight deadline. My past experiences working with different types of teams allow me to recognize the strengths of my fellow teammates. Learning how the team fits together always moves the project forward more smoothly.

What are you most excited about regarding your work at 8of9?

What excites me most about 8of9 is how much they value educating and developing their staff. The opportunity to learn a variety of new skills and techniques, and then put them to use to service our clients is a very exciting prospect. There’s also a great atmosphere of collaboration among the talented people in the office, who have such diverse professional backgrounds and love to share their experiences and challenges.

How do you see 8of9 supporting financial institutions with regulatory challenges?

It’s clear to me, as a relative newcomer, that the 8of9 team has their finger on the pulse of the needs of the financial services industry. The leadership team has years and years of experience solving regulatory problems and does a fantastic job of anticipating upcoming challenges. Their robust understanding of the industry combined with the company’s innovation and intense drive prove that they are highly capable of bringing a newfound clarity to financial regulations. 8of9 is also able to bring simplicity to these regulations through RegTech products and thought leadership.

What are some of your interests and passions outside of work?

I love finding different ways to experience the outdoors. This past year, a group of friends and I went to Washington to summit Mt. Rainier. It was a surreal experience and unbelievable challenge, and it taught me a lot about my own perseverance and strength.