Moms really do know best. They helped us with our homework, cheered us on at little league games and bandaged our scraped knees. Above all else, our mothers imparted upon us tidbits of wisdom that helped shape who we are today. In appreciation of all the wonderful mothers around the world, we would like to share some of the most important lessons they’ve taught us here at 8of9. Here’s what we’ve learned:

  1. “Take big projects and break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks.”
  2. “My mother taught me manners and it has paid off in every relationship I have ever had.”
  3. “My mother taught me to be kind often without expecting payback – no excuses.”
  4. Fear is meaningless in the face of conviction, and never be late.”
  5. “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Having a good/friendly attitude gets you a long way.”
  6. “Be independent.”
  7. Taking your time to do things right the first time is always easier than having to do something twice.”
  8. “My mother taught me to keep track of my responsibilities and obligations by writing them in a calendar.”
  9. “The more friends and family you have, the sweeter success feels.  Tiny successes can feel huge when you have people to share them with.”