By making an impact on the current issues that our clients face, and anticipating ones they may face in the future, we help empower them with the confidence that leads to effective decisions for their organizations.

With cutting edge technology, 8of9 consultants offer global experience and local knowledge in large complex financial transactions to help you focus on the big picture and succeed in any public or private business environment.



Our CEO has a track record of going up against tight deadlines and solving regulatory puzzles that stump traditional consultants. Consultants at 8of9 follow the same approach: using out-of-the-box thinking and non-traditional methods to meet regulatory requirements. In addition to implementing the best solutions for the situation, consultants think independently, and constantly upgrade their knowledge. Our consultants bring these qualities to each and every client project.


8of9 has the capacity to draw on the expertise and knowledge of a global network of professionals. With over 3,200 connections in 223 locations representing 39 countries around the world, we can answer mind-boggling questions in a matter of minutes.

Financial Services

Our network includes people at the top levels of global investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds, private and retail banks.

Regulatory Experts

Our relationships include folks who negotiate directly with regulators, write regulations, and interpret regulations, ranging from the legal side to accounting to the practical business application.

Highest Technology

Our network includes relationships at some of the highest levels of technology institutions.

Trade Associations

We have a long history of friendships in trade associations bringing together players in the financial services industry. We also have strong friendships in financial services networking organizations.